In a late night shootout, police shot a killed a man outside of his Brooklyn home around 11 p.m.

Dwayne Browne, 27, had allegedly pointed an unlicensed weapon at police who responded to a possible break in on Schenck Avenue in East New York, reported the New York Post.

Investigators say the trouble began when a 911 said that two armed men were assaulting Browne's half-brother outside of his home. Offices encountered the caller who allegedly stated they have guns, reported NY1.

The responding officers went to the back of the house were they saw Browne's half-brother. Then, Browne allegedly appeared brandishing a weapon.

I heard the sound, I thought it was a tire blowing up, said a female neighbor who did not want to reveal her name, according to the New York Post.

This block is usually a quiet block, I've been here 40 years and this is the first shooting on the block, said another resident, reported the Post.

Renita Ferdindand says the two were watching a movie when he went to see what was going on.

He heard rumbling, and he went downstairs, then came back upstairs, shot. Police came in with guns out, while I was with him and they told me I had to move away from him. They were questioning him while he was bleeding to death, Ferdinand said, according to NY1.

Councilman Charles Barron of Brooklyn believes the police are hiding something.

This is ridiculous. You're investigating the robbery of a house and guys are running away, why would you not chase them, he said, according to the Post. This has all the smellings of [a cover-up].

The incident is currently under investigation.