Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones will remain banned from Twitter says Elon Musk, the social platform's new owner.

Musk has reinstated former President Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West, both of whom were previously banned for violating Twitter's content-posting rules. Trump was banned for posting misinformation and West for offensive tweets.

After reinstating Trump and West, a flood of users asked Musk to do the same for Jones.

"No," Musk tweeted on Friday.

Twitter CEO shares his answer to requests to reinstate conspiracy theorist Alex Jones onto the platform.

Jones was permanently banned from Twitter in 2018 for repeatedly and falsely claiming the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. The InfoWars host was also banned from Youtube, Facebook, Spotify and other sites.

For years Jones publicly claimed several of the Sandy Hook parents who lost their children were "crisis actors" and that many of the children had not been killed.

Courts have ordered Jones to pay more than $1 billion to victims families who have sued him for defamation.

Using phrases from the Bible and his own experiences, Musk explained his decision on Jones in weekend tweets.

Musk shares his reasoning behind keeping Jones off Twitter.

"I care about any of these big tech platforms going back to free speech and back to where the Internet was four years ago, before this reign of surveillance and censorship. Because this isn't just censorship. They're surveilling everything you say in live time, not just on Twitter, but Google, Facebook, all of it in live time," Jones responded on the social media site Rumble.

On Friday, Musk tweeted a poll to users asking them to decide whether the former president should be reinstated. A majority of the 15 million users who voted backed reinstatement. Nonetheless, Trump said he had not interest in returning to Twitter.