A woman tried to exhibit exorcism on a police officer at one of the gas stations in Wisconsin on Monday. The onlookers saw her approaching the cop while screaming with her outstretched hands towards his face. This incident happened outside the Ultimart convenience store.

The spectators filmed this bizarre moment. In the footage, the officer tried to warn the woman who had approached him but ignoring his warning, she ran towards him. The officer was left with no choice but to fire his taser. The woman fell on the ground agitated from the electric shock.

The footage went viral and has been viewed thousands of times. 

"She could have conducted herself a little better," one person commented on Reddit, an American social news aggregation. 

Another onlooker made fun of the religious outburst. The power of 50,000 volts compelled her to fall onto the ground. The exact location of the incident is still unknown. 

A similar incident happened in Buenos Aires, Argentina when a man tried to perform a spontaneous exorcism on a “possessed” woman in a train. A witness stated that the woman who was traveling alone on the train when she suddenly began to convulse with strange noises. A man with a foreign accent came to her rescue. As the man performed the exorcism ritual, the lady appeared to cough up the evil spirit and later both got off at the same railway station.

exorcism An exorcism ritual in La Cumbre, Valle del Cauca department, Colombia, June 1, 2011. Photo: Getty Images