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Ghost (Omari Hardwick) wants to start over with Tasha (Naturi Naughton) after leaving prison in “Power” Season 4, episode 6. Starz

“Power” Season 4, episode 6 brings yet another death and focuses on James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) starting over after being released from prison.

In “Power” Season 4, episode 6, titled “New Man,” Ghost is ready to get back to business and suits up for his return to his night club. Before this, however, the first thing he does is tell Tasha (Naturi Naughton) that he wants to start over with her, promising that he’s over Angela (Lela Loren) after she accused him of murdering Greg Knox (Andy Bean). But Tasha, who went through a lot for James only for him to betray her, doesn’t buy it.

“Are you kidding me?” she tells Ghost. “I just watched that [woman] blow up her whole life in court so you could walk.”

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Meanwhile, Ghost finally gets his night club back, the feds unlocking the doors for him. However, a not-so-pleasant surprise is waiting for him at the club in the form of Stern (Victor Garber), whom Tasha apparently borrowed money from while Ghost was in prison.

Stern offers St. Patrick a deal — he will wave away the loan if Ghost agrees to work with him on a real-estate venture. James would have to act as the face of the business, so Stern can take advantage of the tax breaks and minority loan opportunities.

James later confronts his estranged wife about the loan and tells her that the terms of her deal with Stern were a lie. He informs her of what Stern really wanted from them. Tasha tries to point out that he can cooperate with Stern, but Ghost continues berating her, telling her he can’t trust her anymore. Tasha retorts that she doesn’t how to trust him either, but that “if we’re going to make this work, we don’t have another choice.”

During his deal with Stern, James gets a call from Teresi (William Sadler), who’s still in jail. Teresi reminds him of their deal for him to keep his mouth shut — Ghost would let him talk to Tommy (Joseph Sikora). However, Tommy is still in Chicago, and Ghost has no way of contacting him and hasn’t even seen him since he left prison. James will have to look for Tommy as soon as possible so Teresi will continue keeping his end of the deal.

On Tasha’s end, she meets up with Keisha (La La Anthony), who grills her about what happens now that James is back. Keisha wants both her life and her weave shop to be back to “normal,” making it clear that she wants out of the money laundering scheme. But Tasha says she might need to wait a little more before that can happen. In an attempt to change the subject, Tasha asks about Tommy, but like Ghost, Keisha has not seen nor heard from him.

As for Tommy’s whereabouts, he’s in Chicago, meeting with Jason (Mike Dopud). The latter is aware that Ghost is free and tells Tommy to cut all ties with his partner. Jason doesn’t think it’s a good idea to continue working with Ghost, and Tommy agrees, especially when the former makes it clear he wants Tommy running both coasts of their business. Tommy is ready to fly back to New York, but Jason tells him to stay in Chicago for a while to “celebrate” first.

But Jason later shows his true colors. He gets Tommy drunk, and the latter then starts bragging about killing Milan (Callan Mulvey). As they’re leaving, Jason hits Tommy with his gun and has him thrown into the trunk of Tommy’s own car.

When he’s being walked to a ditch by Jason’s henchmen, Tommy spots Petar (Aleksander Popovic) and realizes the latter set him up. Petar previously told him that he had Jason’s approval to get rid of Milan, but apparently he had lied to him. Tommy then tells Jason that Petar ordered him to kill Milan and even witnessed the act. Not knowing who to believe, Jason asks a woman named Tatiana to help him decide who to get rid of. Tommy hears his name while they are conversing in a different language, so he worries for a moment that Jason is going to kill him. But in the end, Jason ends up murdering Petar instead.

Meanwhile, Jukebox (Anika Noni Rose) is holding Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) hostage in an undisclosed location in Queens as she waits for Kanan (Curtis Jackson) to make a move on St. Patrick. Kanan rolls up on Ghost as the latter is walking to his car, shocking him. Ghost had assumed Kanan was dead after he left him in that warehouse fire. Kanan points his gun at Ghost and tells him that they want ransom money for his son Tariq.

Since he’s just gotten out of jail, James doesn’t have much money left to his name, so he decides to rob Tommy’s hideout spot. There, he runs into his people, including B.G. whom he pistol-whips to get upstairs. After he and Kanan get the money, the two talk about what happened between them. James and Kanan grew up together and were friends before things turned sour.

Their talk seems to make Kanan rethink part of his plan with his cousin, which is that Jukebox plans to kill Tariq anyway after getting the money. Kanan gives James a loaded gun, telling him he could use it on him or use it to save Tariq.

Coming face-to-face with Jukebox, Ghost pleads for her to spare his son. He later pulls out the gun when pleading doesn’t work, angering Jukebox. She threatens to shoot Tariq if Kanan doesn’t say the truth about who he really is and how he is connected to Ghost. Kanan is forced to admit that he and St. Patrick used to run the streets together, but after they fell out, he ran game on the latter’s son to get the money and get back at Ghost. He confesses to killing his son Shawn, whom he calls “soft” unlike Tariq.

Despite this, the damage is done and Tariq is obviously hurt by the confession. When James tries to grab his son, Jukebox aims her gun at him. Before she could kill anyone, however, Kanan shoots her dead instead. James unties his son, who then runs quickly into his father’s arms. While the father-son reunion is going on, Kanan takes the money and leaves them alone.

Do you think Kanan will ever appear in the lives of Ghost and his son again? Find out what happens next when “Power” Season 4, episode 7 airs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on Starz. Check out the promo clip for the next episode, titled “You Lied To My Face,” here.