A woman and her neighbor mercilessly attacked a pregnant dog and beat it till it went motionless. The dog was later transferred to a veterinary hospital where it died after giving birth to two premature puppies, one of which died during delivery and the other is fighting for its life.

Animal cruelty crimes are on a rise these days. It is a fact that humans around the globe are in deep distress due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown and the stay at home orders that followed the outbreak. But it gives no reason for humans to take out their frustration on poor animals.

In the latest addition to gruesome acts of cruelty on animals, a woman in the Indian state of Odisha, with the help of her neighbor, brutally attacked a pregnant stray dog with an iron rod, beating it repeatedly until they made sure it wasn’t moving anymore.

“According to the complainants, some people had mercilessly beaten up the stray dog. Unable to bear the torture, the dog had collapsed at the spot itself,” Inspector Sarat Chandra Patra told local media.

On April 21, volunteers from an animal welfare organization, Ekamra, after receiving information about the injured dog, responded to the scene and spotted the canine lying unconscious and immediately rushed it to a veterinary hospital.

“We rushed to the spot and took the dog to the hospital. There, she was found to be pregnant and could give birth any moment,” Purabi Patra, a member of Ekamra said. “She (the organization named it April) was unable to lift herself and crying with immense pain.”

The officials at Tarzoo Pet Care Hospital took charge and began treatment. The treatment went on for eight days and on Sunday (April 26) the dog underwent surgery. However, it succumbed to the injuries on Tuesday.

“The treatment began immediately and a C-Section surgery was performed in an effort to save the dog. Two premature puppies were delivered. However, the stray dog succumbed to its injuries," Purabi said.

The volunteers of the animal welfare organization later filed a complaint against the woman.

“We have lodged an FIR so that the police can arrest the accused. We won’t allow the culprit to go scot-free. People should realize that animals too have the right to live in this beautiful planet,” Purabi said. “What’s more worrisome is that a woman beat the dog so mercilessly. We have also mentioned this in our FIR.”

“An FIR has been registered by some animal lovers. A case has been started under IPC Sections 268 (public nuisance) and 429 (mischief by killing or maiming an animal), and Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. We will arrest the people involved in the cruel act,” Patra said.

Representational image of a dog. AFP / Mladen ANTONOV