TikTok influencers may be faced with an unexpected hurdle in the future if President Donald Trump's administration moves forward with a ban of the popular video-sharing app. As a result, some now reportedly "fear the future" as they begin looking beyond creating viral videos.

A user named Sean, whose TikTok handle is @seandoesmagic, recently told TMZ that if the China-based app is, in fact, banned, the result could be "financially crushing" for him. The reason behind his newfound concern is, as he informed the Harvey Levin-created publication, that he can earn between $15K and $20K with each sponsored post that he shares.

Additionally, Sean revealed that life beyond the lucrative app could include a promotional tour with McDonald's this fall, which could include playing live music. However, at this time, he feels a sense of uncertainty about whether or not the partnership will vanish following TikTok shutting down.

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Seandoesmagic is not the only influencer who is reportedly feeling fearful about what's next. As stated by the outlet, comedian Drage Kamerman, who has been able to earn $7K to $10K "every few weeks," is also worried about certain aspects of the future. Not only did he say it took him a year and a half to grow his audience to 2.1M followers, but he also questions whether or not his international fans would be able to find him after a move.

Similar sentiments were then echoed by Niko Valdes, who has also been able to bring in $7K to $10K each month. His page, which has 1.5M followers, highlights videos of his family, including his wife and toddler. Thanks to his TikTok fame, Valdes said that he has been able to set up endorsement deals, but without the social platform, his wife may have to return to her job as a therapist and they may begin struggling financially.

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As for why President Trump wants to ban TikTok in the first place, Fortune reports that the idea has been floated around prior to the upcoming 2020 election as part of an escalating trade war with China. A day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed taking the step, POTUS also tossed around the possibility of prohibiting the app that was created by Beijing-based ByteDance due to the fact that some believe the Chinese government can spy on the users.

However, users on the video-sharing site are reportedly not accepting the news without a fight, as Time reports that thousands have "flocked to the Apple Store" over the course of the past few days in order to flood Trump's 2020 campaign app with negative reviews. At this time, it remains to be seen whether or not the former "Apprentice" star would be able to take such a step.

US President Donald Trump reacted angrily to the Supreme Court rulings
US President Donald Trump reacted angrily to the Supreme Court rulings AFP / JIM WATSON