In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has faced criticism surrounding how he has handled both the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing protests following George Floyd's murder. However, he has also found support from various people, including former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic.

On Monday, President Trump gave a speech where he addressed a bit of the current unrest within the United States. During his appearance, he did make a "passing reference to Floyd's death," but he failed to mention specifics about police brutality or other issues that the protesters have been working to bring to light. Instead, the speech primarily focused on utilizing military power and other thoughts about the crisis at hand.

He then walked to St. John's Episcopal Church for a photo op where he held up a Bible. En route to the location, it was also reported by People that "police cleared his route from protesters using tear gas and flash grenades" as a way to break up what were said to be peaceful protests.

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Following the POTUS' speech, the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" musician shared his thoughts about the former "Apprentice" star on his personal Facebook page, which is no longer accessible to the general public.

"Wow!!! I know many of you can’t stand him, however, Trump knocked it out of the park with this speech,” Novoselic wrote, as reported by Consequence of Sound. He also said that he found his tone to be "strong and direct."

Following Novoselic's post, some accused the page's owner of creating a parody account, as seen in the tweet below. However, the bassist stated that what was written was, in fact, his own thoughts.

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Aside from the Nirvana member's support, President Trump has received additional positive and negative comments in recent months. Previously, he received an unexpected message at the 2020 Grammy Awards and was, in contrast, was targeted by a "Saturday Night Live" star for being responsible for the "near moral collapse of this country."

President Donald Trump's post about looting was flagged up by Twitter for "glorifying violence"
President Donald Trump's post about looting was flagged up by Twitter for "glorifying violence" GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Drew Angerer