• A Telemundo poll showed a majority of Spanish-speaking voters said Trump won the first debate
  • The survey was based on the instant online reaction from the news organization's Twitter followers
  • Other polls of the general population show Biden won the first presidential debate

The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Biden gave viewers a hard time deciding who was more persuasive. However, a solid majority of Spanish-speaking viewers of Telemundo say Trump won the debate.

According to a poll conducted on Twitter, over 66% of Spanish speakers voted for the Republican incumbant, while 34% said they supported the Democratic challenger.

Both candidates have heavily campaigned to earn the support of the Latino community, which is poised to be the largest group of non-white eligible voters in this year's presidential elections. Latinos are expected to surpass African Americans at the polls for the first time.

The number of Latino voters registered and likely to vote has increased in large states and crucial swing states, such as Florida, Michigan, and Ohio, The Guardian reported.

The president attempted to mobilize Hispanic voters using his "Latinos for Trump" initiative. His Democratic opponent attended a September Hispanic Heritage Month celebration in Florida but he has failed to gain much traction with Latinos.

However, Telemundo anchor Felicidad Aveleyra warned the poll was based on its Twitter followers' responses and emphasized that it was "not scientific."

A Telemundo spokesperson said the news organization conducted an opinion poll on the social media platform to "capture instant online reaction" to Tuesday night's debate in a statement provided to Newsweek.

"When the final results were announced on air, Noticias Telemundo prefaced the results by explaining the numbers did not reflect a scientific survey, but instead a real-time online poll among Twitter users," the statement read.

Other polls of the general population show Biden leading by a double-digit margin. In a CBS News survey, 45% said the former vice president won Tuesday night's debate, while 41% gave the nod to Trump. Ten percent said it was a tie.

Both Biden and Trump were able to convince voters in their parties that they won the first debate. The former vice president got the vote from 92% of Democrats. The commander-in-chief only earned the votes from 82% of Republicans, although independent voters gave him the lead.

The CBS News Battleground Tracker also interviewed likely voters across the U.S. on how they felt after watching the debate. More than 8 in 10 debate-watchers, including the majority of Trump and Biden supporters, said the event took a negative tone.

Most voters described the debate as "annoying," with only 17% saying they found it informative. A third of voters—mostly Trump's supporters—said the debate was entertaining, while 19% felt pessimistic.

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