“Pretty Little Liars” fans love shipping characters. Hanna has Caleb. Spencer has Toby. Emily has Paige. Aria has Jake AND Ezra. And Mona has … no one! The original “A” has worn many hats throughout the past few seasons, but none of them have been doting girlfriend. However that will all change when the ABC Family series returns in January for season 4B!

E! Online spoke with Mona’s Janel Parrish and it turns out that the former Liars tormenter will definitely be getting some loving.

“Mona finally gets a love interest,” Parrish dished. “I think she deserves one and it’s kind of shocking so I think fans will love it.”

So, who is the lucky person to win Mona’s heart? “Pretty Little Liars” fans have a couple of theories.

For starters, it’s important to consider this Twitter photo that Janel Parrish posted in late August:

“Reunited with this muffin! @Brendanrobinson,” the actress tweeted. The “muffin” in question is none other than Brendan Robinson who plays school photographer Lucas. In previous seasons Lucas was close with Hanna, and was eventually revealed to be helping Mona on the A-team. Appearing in seasons 1 through 3, Lucas has yet to make an appearance in season 4. But thanks to the photo posted by Parrish we know that he’ll be returning in some form in season 4B.

Lucas and Mona would definitely be a shocking couple – especially since viewers watched her brutally bully him at the beginning of the series. But what if her new beau isn’t Lucas? Remember that little meeting Mona had with Shana during the summer finale for season 4?

Executive producer Oliver Goldstick told TVLine that the meeting between the two conniving girls “will pay off.” But in what way?

“I’ve always said, Mona is a viscous little dumpling and no one should forget who she was in seasons 1 and 2 – even if she has ‘redeemed’ herself’ or ‘absolved’ herself of some of these horrible deeds,” Goldstick explained. “She was still capable of them, and that’s important to remember.”

While it may seem a little too out-there, one theory is that Shana and Mona are dating. Who do you think Mona will end up with? Let us know in the comments section.