“Pretty Little Liars” fans know very well that Alison DiLaurentis has been through hell (although some would say she deserves it). The truth regarding the fateful night she “died” was revealed in the Season 4 finale, giving the blonde teen a chance to finally re-enter the world of the living. But in usual “PLL” fashion, Alison’s journey won’t be that easy. Thanks to a new Australian promo video for Season 5, it appears as if Alison’s troubles are only going to get worse as she returns from beyond the grave.

The first promo video for Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars” was released at the beginning of May, dropping some scandalous clues to fans hungry for a scoop. And while the trailer definitely shed some light on the upcoming season, the new promo video exposes some more of the drama to come.

Australia’s “PLL” promo video dives into some new footage from New York City. Viewers will remember that Season 4 left off with the girls on a rooftop with a gravely injured Ezra. It was initially believed that the Liars had met Alison in Philadelphia, but at the end of the episode the camera cut to show the Empire State Building in the background.

In the video, a person clad in all black -- more than likely “A” -- can be seen riding on top of an ambulance. Since we know that Ezra will end up in the hospital, the ambulance could be holding everyone’s favorite Rosewood High School English teacher. But that’s not all. Another clip from the promo shows Alison walking down a street, making sure to look behind her in case “A” or someone else is following.

Somehow the five girls -- Aria, Spencer, Alison, Emily and Hanna -- will end up on the stage of some sort of play. And judging by their facial expressions, they’ll be making a horrifying or shocking discovery … perhaps a new message from “A.”

Meanwhile, “PLL” fans can also look forward to seeing a handful of people in masks surrounding the girls in a park; and someone -- we think Mona based on the U.S. video -- threatening Alison.

“You’re going to wish you stayed dead,” a woman’s voice says to a frightened looking Alison.

So, is Alison going to be safe once she rejoins society? We’re going to say “no” since a final clip shows someone in black gloves putting their hand over her mouth.

Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars” premieres in the United States on ABC Family on Tuesday, June 10 at 8 p.m. EDT. Watch the Australian promo video for Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars” below, or click HERE to watch the U.S. trailer: