Pretty Little Liars
Hanna (Ashley Benson) may have got her mom into some serious trouble. Ashley (Laura Leighton) faces the police in a sneak peek video from "Pretty Little Liars" Season 6, episode 13. Freeform

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer can’t go one episode of “Pretty Little Liars” without finding themselves in trouble. Although all four of the women are denying having any involvement in the death of Charlotte (Vanessa Ray), they’re definitely guilty of trying to hide something in episode 13 of the Freeform series.

As previously reported, Tuesday’s installment, titled “The Gloves Are On,” will find the police turning their investigation to The Radley. That will make the Liars worry as last week Spencer (Troian Bellisario) convinced Hanna (Ashley Benson) to delete footage of Aria (Lucy Hale) leaving the hotel and returning after Charlotte’s time of death.

While Hanna thought she was being sneaky, a clip from episode 13 proves otherwise. Hanna’s mom, Ashley (Laura Leighton), meets with Lorenzo (Travis Winfrey) in the sneak peek video. Ashley is the manager at The Radley and granted the Rosewood police access to all the security footage from the night of Charlotte’s murder. However, Lorenzo informs her that video from after midnight that night is missing. He adds that they have an IT specialist trying to figure out if the missing footage is due to a malfunction or if someone deleted it.

Lorenzo isn’t the only person digging into Charlotte’s death. A second sneak peek video shows Spencer being interviewed by a reporter for her mom’s campaign. The conversation begins with the reporter questioning Spencer about her opinion on the lack of young voters, however, he shifts to discuss Charlotte’s death. Spencer doesn’t appear to appreciate the change in topic.

A third and final sneak peek from episode 13 of “Pretty Little Liars” makes it seem as if Spencer won’t be able to avoid the questions regarding Charlotte. Hanna arrives in the middle of the interview to reveal that Lorenzo found out the tape from The Radley was deleted.

“Someone was murdered and you’re going to get questioned,” Hanna warns her. “We all are.”

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 6, episode 13 will air on Freeform Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 8 p.m. EST.