• Dan Trachtenberg talks about his future plans for "Prey 2"
  • The end-credits scene hints at a major sequel for the film
  • The "Predator" prequel is set 300 years before the original film

Director Dan Trachtenberg recently opened up about a potential sequel of his newly-released film "Prey". On being questioned about the closing credits of the movie, the 41-year-old director shared his vision to make a sequel to the successful thriller.

"The nerd in me looked that far ahead, as far as he could look, before we started writing this movie," Trachtenberg told Hollywood Reporter in an interview published Tuesday. "But the adult in me said, 'Don't count your chickens and just be careful. Try and make the best movie possible, straight away.'"

He went on to discuss how the end credit is not directed at any cliffhanger, instead, is telling a story in itself. "End-credit sequence aside, there is something refreshing about seeing a movie that is not really intended to be just a part one to something else," he added.

Released on August 5, "Prey" is currently streaming on Hulu. Starring Amber Midthunder, Dane DiLiegro, Ray Strachan and Stefany Mathias, it is a story of a skilled Comanche warrior who fights against an alien predator to protect her tribe.

In the ending of "Prey", Midthunder's Naru can be seen emerging triumphant in her fight against the predator. The scene transitions to an animated end-credits sequence which appears to be recreated in Native American hide paintings. It teases the fans to speculate on a potential sequel in the much-loved film series.

Ever since its release on the streaming platform, the movie has scored the top position in viewership rankings, according to multiple reports.

In case you have missed the "Prey" trailer, watch it here:

The movie is a prequel to Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer "Predator" which made its box-office release in 1987. The massive success of "Predator" led to further installments in the franchise, including "Predator 2" which was released in 1990, "Predator 3" in 2010, and the fourth part in 2018.

Trachtenberg is also popularly known for his splendid work in TV series like "Black Mirror" and "The Boys." Next, he will be directing the sci-fi TV series, "Waterworld." In an interview with The Digital Fix, Trachtenberg said that the TV series is in a very early stage of development.

Dan Trachtenberg, John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr. and J.J. Abrams attend the "10 Cloverfield Lane" New York premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater in New York City on March 8, 2016. Theo Wargo/Getty Images