Prince Charles and Camilla
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles looked bored during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Pictured: Prince Charles and Camilla during an official visit to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital on April 4, 2018, Brisbane, Australia. Getty Images/Patrick Hamilton

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles seemed uninterested during their latest royal engagement, according to the spectators.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are in Australia for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and the royal couple graced its opening ceremony earlier today. However, many noticed that they looked "bored," "miserable" and "uninterested." Netizens did not like what they saw and quickly took to social media to slam Prince Charles and Camilla.

"Camilla is so bored she’s pulled out the latest New Idea #OpeningCeremony #CommonwealthGames2018 #noidea," Lori Marshall wrote.

"Disgraceful showing by the royals, especially Camilla who is not even trying to look interested. I'm sure Diana would not have been flicking through a magazine whilst being formally welcomed. #OpeningCeremony," Lisa Auciello wrote.

"The Queen needs to wake up and keep Camilla home, she can't conduct herself appropriately, flicking through a magazine while they are being welcomed to the Commonwealth Games. The Monarchy is lost to Australia if Charles and Camilla take the throne," Lisa Hill said.

"Prince Charles and Camilla watching the opening ceremony like, 'I'm not sure this was really worth a free trip to Australia, do you?'" Aussie Julie posted.

"I guess they were sick of being boring in the UK...So came to be bored here...," Warren posted.

Others found Prince Charles and Camilla's attitude so disrespectful that they wanted them to go home.

"Camilla appears bored throughout Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Go back to the UK," one Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, some thought that Prince Charles and Camilla's reactions were understandable given that the whole ceremony was really "boring."

"To be fair, the opening ceremony was pretty boring... like most opening ceremonies to these sorts of things. I feel sorry for her having to sit through it," Marc Fearby wrote.

Other users thought that perhaps Prince Charles and Camilla were bothered because Prince Philip was getting a hip surgery.

"Have these people nothing better to do. Maybe they were concerned that their elderly father was having surgery," Sharon Enderwick wrote.

Buckingham Palace announced on Tuesday that the Duke of Edinburgh was confined in the hospital due to hip surgery. Prior to this, an insider revealed that Prince Philip was supposed to accompany Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Maundy Service, but was not able to make it due to hip problems.

"The duke was keen to attend but made this decision because he was experiencing some trouble with his hip," the insider said.

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