Prince Charles an Camilla Parker Bowles are not well-liked compared to his sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

In YouGov's recent rating poll, Prince Harry tops the chart as the most favorite British royal. Prince Charles was on the seventh spot while Camilla was on the 10th.

In addition, 20 percent of the Britons have a negative opinion of Prince Charles while 36 percent are unfavorable towards the Duchess of Cornwall. On the other hand, the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex only have a seven percent negative rating.

The poll only shows that that Prince of Wales and Camilla will have a hard time as the future king and queen because the people aren't as warm and supportive to them. In fact, the couple's publicity team has to work tirelessly to change the public's perception towards them.

"The royal PR machine is facing a crisis as Charles prepares to take the throne," a Republic spokesman said. "Charles has routinely abused his position of power, privately lobbying Cabinet ministers and influencing Government policy with his own political agenda."

"It's unsurprising that royals are rushing to change Charles' public image as he prepares to become king, but does he really expect us to believe he won't capitalise on all the powers he's about to inherit?" the source continued. "King Charles is just around the corner and we should be having a wide-ranging national debate about our country's future, not a coronation by default."

According to Nicholas Bieber, the Prince of Wales, who is celebrating his birthday today, is expected to take over the throne in three years. In fact, he is already a "king in all but name."

"And just this week major preparations were already being ramped up in the run-up to the big takeover on April 21, 2021," Bieber wrote.

Prince Charles has been preparing for his position to be the next king. The Queen would remain the Head of State, so she could still follow her promise to keep the throne until her death.

"The changes are starting, and although they are small changes, more will follow," a royal source said. "Her Majesty will never resign, though. She will be on the throne to her last breath."

Prince Charles and Camilla
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles will have a hard time as future king and queen because the people have a negative perception about them. Pictured: Prince Charles and Camilla in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle after their wedding ceremony, April 9, 2005 in Windsor, England Getty Images/Hugo Burnand