Prince Charles is expected to take over the throne soon.

According to Nicholas Bieber, a journalist for Daily Star, the Prince of Wales, who is celebrating his 70th birthday on Wednesday, will be "king very soon." A big changeover is expected to happen in 2021 when Queen Elizabeth II turns 95. Her Majesty will reportedly trigger the "regency act" that will make Prince Charles a Prince Regent a "king in all but name."

"And just this week major preparations were already being ramped up in the run-up to the big takeover on April 21, 2021," Bieber wrote.

On BBC's documentary for his upcoming birthday, Prince Charles opened up about becoming the next monarch. He also spoke about being a king-in-waiting for the longest time.

"I won't be a meddling monarch”, Prince Charles said. "When my mama succeeded and became Queen – my grandfather died so young aged 57 – I ended up becoming heir aged four."

The report noted that Prince Charles would take the reigns in his new role. However, the Queen would remain the Head of State, so she would still follow her promise to keep the throne until her death.

"The changes are starting, and although they are small changes, more will follow," a royal source said. "Her Majesty will never resign, though. She will be on the throne to her last breath."

"But with the Regency act and meetings that have taken place recently, when Her Majesty gets to 95 then (the Regency Act 1937) will be brought in through Parliament," the source added. "This means Prince Charles will become Prince Regent while Her Majesty is still Queen, but her workload scales right back to limited engagements."

In related news, Prince Charles is reportedly "upping his game" after his sons Prince William and Prince Harry steal the royal limelight. According to body language expert, the Prince of Wales wanted to "regain the lost ground by boosting his own profile with some very timely image PR to remind us how easily he will fit into the role of king."

On the other hand, Prince Harry is asking his father to "slow down" a bit. On the other hand, Prince William wanted Prince Charles to be fit until he is 95 and to spend more time with his children 5-year-old Prince George, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 6-month-old Prince Louis.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles who is celebrating his 70th birthday on Wednesday will be king very soon. Pictured: Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles attend a service marking the centenary of WW1 armistice at Westminster Abbey on Nov. 11, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Leon Neal