• Prince Charles looked emotionally exhausted in Davos
  • Prince Charles cheeks were flushed while in Davos
  • Prince Charles is upset with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Charles made an appearance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland this week. And a body language expert claimed that the dad of two was emotionally exhausted after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bombshell exit.

While speaking with Express, Judi James said that Prince Charles’ expression seemed grave while he was giving a speech since he just lost two important members of the royal family.

Despite his family’s ongoing struggles, Prince Charles still tried to smile while addressing the crowds. James said that the heir to the throne also spoke with a kind of impish grin and body bounce that were signature signals of his more campaigning and hard-hitting speeches from years ago.

“The Prince’s cheeks are flushed to the color of raw liver, which could be a physiological response to being underworld scrutiny so soon after all the royal dramas and Harry’s exit to Canada. In terms of intentional gestures, i.e. his conscious decisions about how he wants to be perceived, Charles does appear to have made some very active efforts to look upbeat and even contemporary,” James said.

While in Davos, Prince Charles also tried to change his appearance to look more modern. This was reportedly in stark contrast to how he presented himself after Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse scandal came to light.

At that time, he was photographed wearing stuffy-looking double-breasted suits and traditional ties. But while in Davos, he opted to wear a lightweight, contemporary, and loud pinstripe suit, which he paired with an upbeat-looking tie.

“His gesticulation has an air of increased energy to it as well, with some emphatic gesticulation and some pointing to emphasize his points,” James said.

Prince Charles has not directly addressed Prince Harry and Markle’s exit from the royal family. But he was present when Queen Elizabeth organized a crisis talk in Sandringham.

According to Daily Mail, Prince Charles is particularly upset with his daughter-in-law since he was the one who convinced the Queen to allow Prince Harry to marry Markle, who is a divorcee.

But after exerting an effort to make his son and daughter-in-law happy, they announced that they will be quitting the royal family.

Prince Charles in Davos:'What good is all the extra wealth in the world'
Prince Charles in Davos:'What good is all the extra wealth in the world' AFP / Fabrice COFFRINI