Simon Cowell, Prince Charles
Simon Cowell and Prince Charles have met each other a few times. Pictured: Cowell, Prince Charles speaks to Prince Charles, Prince of Wales arrives to attend a reception and dinner for supporters of The British Asian Trust at Natural History Museum on Feb. 2, 2016 in London, England. Alan Davidson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Charles and Simon Cowell both attended the Princes Trust Awards and had an awkward run-in with each other.

The incident was detailed by Anna Williamson, a Side presenter, who was also at the awards show. During a recent interview, Williamson revealed that she was interviewing Cowell on the red carpet when she saw Prince Charles walking towards her. She wanted to interview the prince, but Cowell just couldn’t stop talking.

“It was quite embarrassing because I had to elbow march Simon Cowell off the red carpet because Prince Charles came in. I think I had to come up with something like, ‘Look, you might be TV royalty but we’ve got actual royalty right behind you,’” she said.

Williamson admitted that she was worried about losing her job because of the awkward incident. She said that if Prince Charles wasn’t there, she would have spoken to Cowell longer because it’s a dream come true to interview him. However, she had to nudge him to get off the red carpet so she could also talk to Prince William and Prince Harry’s dad.

Luckily, the “X-Factor” judge didn’t seem to mind, and he even gave Williamson a wink when he got off the red carpet.

The Princes Trust Awards isn’t the only time that Cowell and Prince Charles were at the same venue. The two men were also together at the British Asian Trust dinner in 2015 alongside Lauren Silverman and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Charles gave a speech at the dinner about the anti-trafficking fund. “Hearing of the horrific ordeals these young girls suffered is heart-breaking, but I was so very struck by their tremendous courage and could not be more encouraged by the local organizations working tirelessly to rescue, care for and rehabilitate women and children who have been victims of this appalling practice,” he said.

The anti-trafficking fund is designed to prevent and address violence against women and children.