Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Maria Borrallo
Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s life with their royal nanny Maria Borrallo revealed. Pictured: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Borrallo attend the wedding of their aunt Pippa Middleton to James Matthews at St Mark's Church on May 20, 2017 in Englefield Green, England. Getty Images/Justin Tallis

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a good upbringing thanks to Prince William, Kate Middleton and their royal nanny Maria Borrallo.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hired Borrallo shortly after Prince George’s birth. Today she also looks after his younger siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Borrallo was trained from the famous Norland College, the country’s top training center for childcare. She also has a lot of experience in her portfolio.

Author Louise Heren spent a year at the college researching for a documentary and learned some of the techniques and tricks that were taught to Borrallo and which the latter likely applies to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. According to Heren, even if the royals have extraordinary lives, everything is fairly normal when they are at home.

For instance, their daily routine is just like any household. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will get up, have breakfast and go to school wearing their uniform whether they like it or not.

“Her job is to keep them happy, safe and well but equally they need to be presentable and well behaved when they are on parade,” Heren told the Mirror about Borallo’s job.

Heren also shared some parenting tips that Borrallo might be using to the royal kids. One, she said that Norland nannies believe it’s important to involve the children in planning. For example, nannies should give their children an option on how to spend the day whether they want to go to the park, bake a cake or read. In this way, the nanny has got some control but the children can still choose what they want to do and will be happy with their choice.

She added that children understand routine, however, they want to be informed about the routine. They usually develop a routine for mealtime and bedtime. A usual routine for bedtime includes bath, pajamas and bedtime story, which help children know that it’s time for bed.

Even if Borrallo is in charge of Prince William and Middleton’s children, the couple remains hands-on when it comes to their three kids. The Duchess of Cambridge was seen multiple times dropping off Prince George at school.

Also, last year, Middleton stopped at a local pub after being caught in traffic when Princess Charlotte needed to use a bathroom. Many were surprised and pleased saying that the royals are no different than the general masses when it comes to attending to their children’s needs