Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's relationship has crumbled from the start, according to a body language expert.

Prince William, Middleton, Prince Harry and Markle were first seen together last Christmas, and they attended their first official event together in February. The fab four were all smiles during the event and were even photographed laughing with each other. However, according to Judi James, the Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge were already showing signs that their relationship was not that good even then.

"For me, the very first signs of potential future rifts between these two women came when they appeared on stage together with their husbands with the objective of re-branding them as some kind of 'Fab Four' that would be working together on charitable causes," James told Mirror.

According to the expert, Markle mirrored Middleton as an integration technique. At that time, Markle made headlines for copying Middleton's duchess' slant. However, royal etiquette expert Grant Harrold still noticed a big difference and noted that the Duchess of Cambridge nailed it compared to Markle. James added that the photos of them laughing were "slightly misleading."

Prince William and Prince Harry immediately admitted that there had been friction among them. The royal princes just laughed it off, with the Duke of Sussex joking that they were "stuck together for the rest of our lives."

James went on to say that the only time that an effort was made to sell Middleton and Markle as friends was during Wimbledon. It was the first time the two duchesses stepped out together without their husbands.

For the outing, the body language expert noticed how they laughed together and used head closeness and eye contact to suggest rapport. According to veteran royal photographer Mark Stewart, there was no rivalry between the two duchesses.

"She very much let Kate take the lead," Stewart said. "There was no rivalry. It shows how well Meghan has adapted as she is aware that Kate will be Queen one day and her position is different."

When Prince William and Prince Harry's wives are together, Middleton stands in front as Queen while Markle stands behind or to the side "often appearing to study Kate quite intently, either to learn from her protocol experience or possibly to work out what makes her tick" in most cases.

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