• Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams suggested Prince Harry's attacks on his upbringing will be "very damaging"
  • He also claimed Harry went against the Queen's wish for the family to deal with their issues privately
  • Fitzwilliams suggested it's unlikely for Harry and William to reconcile anytime soon because they're "on different paths"

Prince Harry has been doing the opposite of what his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II wanted by "baring his soul" to the public, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex volunteered to have therapy on camera for his new docuseries with Oprah Winfrey, "The Me You Can't See," where he opened up further about his mental health struggles and accused the royal family of "total neglect." While Prince Harry's own testimony has helped others heal, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams suggested that he went against the Queen's wish for their family to deal with their issues privately.

"In the interview on Oprah, Harry said that of the Queen, 'She is my Colonel-in-Chief, right? She always will be.' He insisted that their relationship had never been stronger," Fitzwilliams told Express. "He is also perfectly well aware that the Queen said in a statement after the interview by the Sussexes on Oprah that issues raised by them 'will be addressed by the family privately.'"

"In once again baring his soul, in a series on mental health with Oprah, 'The Me You Can't See,' he has highlighted his unhappiness with royal life," he added. "He is doing the reverse of what the Queen wanted and deliberately harming the monarchy."

In the docuseries, Prince Harry talked about the trauma he suffered following his mother's death. He also accused the royal family of ignoring his and wife Meghan Markle's requests for support, citing this as one of the reasons their mental health deteriorated and they eventually decided to step back as working royals.

"I thought my family would help, but every single ask, request, warning, whatever, it is just got met with total silence, total neglect. We spent four years trying to make it work. We did everything that we possibly could to stay there and carry on doing the role and doing the job. But Meghan was struggling," Prince Harry was quoted by People as saying in the docuseries.

Talking about their reasons for leaving their roles in the royal family, the Duke of Sussex said, “Feeling trapped and feeling controlled through fear, both by the media and by the system itself, which never encouraged the talking about this kind of trauma. But certainly now, I will never be bullied into silence.”

Fitzwilliams stressed that it is "impossible not to sympathize" with Prince Harry when it comes to how Princess Diana's death affected him. However, the commentator insisted that the duke's criticisms of his own upbringing will be "very damaging."

"However, his attack on his upbringing by his father and his claim that he was 'bullied into silence' when he felt trapped as a senior working royal will be very damaging," the royal expert said.

"Again, he brings up the toxic issue of race, linking racism aimed at Meghan, with that experienced by his mother when she was dating Dodi Fayed. It is indeed tragic that Meghan felt so pressurized she had suicidal thoughts and he describes this episode in more detail," he continued.

Fitzwilliams also commented on Prince Harry's tense relationship with his older brother Prince William, whom he is expected to reunite with on July 1, or what would have been their mom's 60th birthday, for the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue at Kensington Palace.

Fitzwilliams said he doesn't think that a potential reconciliation is possible anytime soon after all that has happened, including the leaking of their private conversations, and because the royal siblings are "obviously on different paths."

"Also when any private conversations are reported publicly as attempts to reach out to Harry after Oprah were, by Gayle King and when Harry's visit to attend Prince Philip's funeral was, by Omid Scobie," he told the outlet. "The world will watch the unveiling in July, but handling it with Harry as outspoken as he currently is, could be nightmarish."

Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry attends the Adam Tower project introduction and global partnership between, SkyScanner, CTrip, TripAdvisor and Visa in Amsterdam on September 3, 2019 an initiative led by the Duke of Sussex to change the travel industry to better protect tourist destinations and communities that depend on it. KOEN VAN WEEL/AFP via Getty Images