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  • Prince Harry recalled losing his virginity at 17 in his new book "Spare"
  • The Duke of Sussex claimed that his partner rode him like a "stallion" and "spanked" him
  • Prince Harry regretted that it happened in a field behind a very busy pub

Prince Harry is sharing how he lost his virginity in his upcoming book.

The Duke of Sussex revealed in his memoir, "Spare," that he lost his virginity in a "quick" romp with an "older woman" when he was 17 years old, describing the encounter as "humiliating."

He claimed that his horse-loving partner, who was not named, rode him like a "stallion" and "spanked" him.

"I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my a-- and sent me away," he wrote in his book, according to the New York Post. "One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in a field, just behind a very busy pub. No doubt someone had seen us."

It has been speculated that Prince Harry was referring to Suzannah Harvey, an ex-model and CEO of Cotswold Airport in England.

Harvey, who is six years older than the royal, reportedly declined to comment on Prince Harry's book when Daily Mail reached out to her.

However, Harvey did a tell-all interview with the publication two decades ago in which she detailed her one-time, steamy encounter with Prince Harry, who was a teenager and a student at Eton at the time.

She claimed that during the Beaufort Hunt Christmas Ball, Prince Harry led her outside to a muddy field after a night of flirting.

"It was very nice, but as we were kissing, I started to get worried that his bodyguards would be looking for him. I didn't want to get him into trouble," she told the Daily Mail in 2002. "He's a wild child, and William was helpless to stop him. Outside he handled me like a grown man. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him. It felt like his hands were going round my whole waist."

Harvey claimed she began to worry as he got more passionate, worried that a guest might see them.

"I tried to keep my hands to myself, but I was tempted to let myself go. It was so heated, steam was rising from us into the freezing cold air. He was definitely experienced in handling a woman," she claimed.

Prince Harry has been linked to several other women older than him through the years, including the late TV personality Caroline Flack, presenter Natalie Pinkham and former "Real Housewives" star Catherine Ommanney.

While none of them has confirmed or denied taking Prince Harry's virginity, Elizabeth Hurley, who is 19 years older than the royal, vehemently denied the speculation that it was she who snatched his V-card.

"Not me. Not guilty. Not me. Absolutely not," the actress told the Sunday Times in an interview last month.

Franck Ortet, who ran the Rattlebone Inn, the pub many believed Prince Harry was referring to in his book, claimed that he knew the woman but refused to name her. He described her as a "tomboy."

"I won't name her, but she was from their world socially, so she wasn't intimidated by Harry or his status," Ortet told Daily Mail. "They used to play drinking games together. One time they took it in turns to down a 'snakebite and black,' a combination of lager, cider and blackcurrant."

"Spare" will hit shelves Tuesday.

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