After months of anticipation and a sustained publicity blitz, Prince Harry's autobiography 'Spare' has finally gone on sale


  • Prince Harry said he met up with Meghan Markle at a London hotel nearly two months after they started dating
  • The Duke of Sussex said he was waiting "breathlessly" outside her hotel room when she pulled him in
  • Prince Harry revealed he hid under the covers when the hotel assistant manager delivered their breakfast

Prince Harry detailed a steamy night with Meghan Markle from the early days of their relationship in his newly released memoir, "Spare."

The Duke of Sussex recalled meeting up with the former "Suits" actress at a Soho House hotel in London nearly two months after he and Markle started dating.

They reportedly reunited at Markle's hotel room on the anniversary of his mom Princess Diana's death after spending weeks apart in the summer of 2016, according to the Daily Mail and Page Six.

According to Prince Harry, Markle invited him to meet her at her hotel and instructed him to take the freight elevator, so he wouldn't be seen by anyone.

Harry then met a friend of Markle's named Vanessa who led him to the former actress' hotel door.

"Her arms were reaching for me," Prince Harry wrote in his memoir of Markle, adding that he was waiting "breathlessly" outside her hotel room. "She pulled me inside and thanked her friend in one fluid motion, then slammed the door quickly before anyone saw."

He continued, "I want to say we hung a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. But I don't think there was time."

Prince Harry also recounted how he hid under the covers of their bed the next morning after they ordered room service.

"Meg whispered to go into the bathroom, but I preferred my hiding place," he wrote.

He explained that their breakfast was delivered by the hotel assistant manager, who stayed for a long conversation with Markle.

"He didn't notice the prince-shaped lump under the duvet," Harry wrote. "He talked and talked, and caught her up on the latest, while I, in my duvet cave, started to run out of air."

It wasn't the only intimate encounter that Prince Harry wrote about in his memoir. He also detailed how he lost his virginity to a woman older than him outside a busy pub.

According to the prince, he lost his V-card in a "quick" romp when he was 17. He described the encounter as "humiliating," recalling that his partner rode him like a "stallion" and "spanked" him.

"I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my a-- and sent me away," he wrote, according to the New York Post. "One of my many mistakes was letting it happen in a field, just behind a very busy pub. No doubt someone had seen us."

He didn't name the woman who took his virginity, but Prince Harry was romantically linked to several women older than him through the years, including Suzannah Harvey, late TV personality Caroline Flack, presenter Natalie Pinkham and former "Real Housewives" star Catherine Ommanney.

Franck Ortet, who ran the Rattlebone Inn, the pub many believed Prince Harry was referring to in his book, claimed to know who the royal's partner was that night.

"I won't name her, but she was from their world socially, so she wasn't intimidated by Harry or his status," Ortet told Daily Mail. "They used to play drinking games together. One time they took it in turns to down a 'snakebite and black,' a combination of lager, cider and blackcurrant."

"Spare" is already out.

Among the memoir's key passages, Prince Harry refers to William as 'my beloved brother, my arch-nemesis'