Stepen Colbert
“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert at the Showtime Golden Globe Nominees Celebration at Sunset Tower in Los Angeles on Jan. 6, 2018. Getty Images/ Matt Winkelmeyer


  • Stephen Colbert said he has read Prince Harry's memoir and found it very enjoyable and revealing
  • The "Late Show" host poked fun at Harry describing his brother William's "alarming baldness"
  • Colbert joked about the royal's new book while previewing Harry's appearance on his show, airing Tuesday

Stephen Colbert poked fun at Prince Harry on his talk show ahead of their interview.

A day before Prince Harry's scheduled appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to promote his book "Spare," the host joked about some of the Duke of Sussex's comments in his tome and in recent interviews, particularly about his older brother Prince William.

"I've read the book — it's very enjoyable, quite emotional, quite revealing. I'm going to have so much to talk about with His Harryness," the 58-year-old host said on his show Monday, Us Weekly reported, after joking that "Spare" was "also available on audiobook and a commemorative plate."

Colbert then played a clip of Prince Harry's interview with Anderson Cooper on "60 Minutes" showing the Invictus Games founder recalling how Prince William said they were to pretend as if they didn't know each other while at school.

"Well, that's heartbreaking. I mean, to be rejected by his older brother at school, even though that magic hat sorted them into the same house," the late-night show host said, referring to the sorting hat in the "Harry Potter" franchise. "What do you think? Hufflepuff? Hufflepuff? Gryffindor? I'm not sure."

Colbert also showed a clip of Cooper reading a passage from "Spare." In it, Prince Harry recalled a contentious meeting with Prince William, where he described his older brother's "familiar scowl" and receding hairline.

Prince Harry wrote, "[I] looked at [William], maybe for the first time since we were boys," and observed his "alarming baldness." The royal also claimed that his sibling's hair loss "advanced" way more than his own and suggested that the Prince of Wales' resemblance to their late mother, Princess Diana, was "fading with time."

"That's pretty cutting," Cooper said during the interview, to which Prince Harry replied, "I don't think it's cutting at all."

Smirking at the camera, Colbert joked, "No — 'cause William's so bald, he doesn't need any cutting — am I right? Am I right, Harry?"

Colbert then approached the camera for a high five and said, "Up top, baby. Don't leave me in the Tower of London up here. Tune in tomorrow to see if he leaves me hanging."

The "Late Show" announced Prince Harry's guest appearance via Twitter last week. At the time, Colbert joked that Prince Harry's book will "either [be] a gripping tell-all about the royal family or a book of handy bowling tips. Tune in to find out."

"Stock up on corgis and steal a priceless cultural treasure from one of your colonies because 'The Late Show' is going imperial," he quipped in another teaser.

Among the memoir's key passages, Prince Harry refers to William as 'my beloved brother, my arch-nemesis'