Prince Harry
Prince Harry’s love-life has made tabloid headlines once again, with new rumors surfacing about a potential relationship with pop-princess Mollie King. Reuters

Prince Harry is moving in with his brother and sister-in-law at their new west London home at Kensington Palace.

The royal stud, 27, will have his own place on the Kensington grounds while Prince William and Duchess Kate will live in an apartment in the same area.

Royal authorities confirmed the news that Prince Harry had moved out of his childhood home at Clarence House where he resided with his father Prince Charles.

We can confirm that Harry has moved into K.P [Kensington Palace]. That's now his official London residence, said a source to the Daily Beast.

This is not a huge space, but it is only natural now he's in his 20s that he would want to be independent and have his own place, and move out of the place he has been since he was a child, a Palace source told People.

Prince William and Duchess Kate will move to the grounds next year. They will stay in the famous 20 room Apartment 1a. Prince Harry will permanently move to Nottingham cottage around the same time.

Prince Harry and Prince William grew up in Kensington Palace with their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

The move is the first step to the establishment of the Young Royal's Court at Kensington Palace made up of Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Prince Harry. The trio will move their personal and household staff to the grounds over the next few years, reported the Daily Beast.

Prince Harry has wanted to move into his own place and the brothers reportedly wanted to be together.

Prince Harry and Prince William are a double act for the rest of their lives, a source said CNN. They are very loyal and trust each other. Loyalty is key. Harry is very respectful towards William.

Prince Harry and Duchess Kate are particularly close and when the opportunity to live together arose, the trio jumped at the chance.

They do things privately together a lot, the Palace source said to People, and there are things that all three attend together in a formal capacity, and hopefully that won't change.

Prince Harry is third in line for the British throne.