Prince Harry joked about his son Archie’s ginger hair amid James Hewitt paternity rumors.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s child has ginger red hair like the Duke of Sussex and his rumored biological father, Hewitt. Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their son, the paternity rumors about Prince Harry and Hewitt have come to life again especially that the three men share the same hair color.

Just recently Prince Harry and Markle took their son to a nursery for the first time. Prince William’s brother revealed that his son was particularly taken by other two red-haired babies.

“Archie had a fantastic time. He was crawling around and was particularly taken with two other redhead babies. The Duke said: ‘Gingers stick together!’” a source shared.

Hair expert Spencer Stevenson revealed earlier that Archie has a brewing nice head of ginger hair like his dad Prince Harry. Markle’s dark locks did not overpower Prince Harry’s ginger gene which only fueled the paternity rumors involving Prince Harry and Hewitt.

“Harry is ginger, as we all know, and due to the speculation surrounding who the father is, it’s understandable why it seems suspicious to some people that Hewitt, who is also a ginger and who dated Princess Diana, could possible be Harry’s father. The ginger gene is a factor to consider as there are no other gingers in the royal family,” Spencer explained.

However, the expert also pointed out that the rumors about Hewitt being Prince Harry’s biological father are not true. He shared a genetic proof to invalidate the claims.

According to Spencer, the duke inherited the Windsors’ MPB (male pattern baldness) gene. This is evident in the thinning of Prince Harry’s hair that is similar to what happened to Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Prince William. Meanwhile, Hewitt doesn’t experience a widespread thinning but a receding hairline. Since Prince Harry inherited the MBP gene from Prince Charles, the expert was certain that he is not Hewitt’s son.

Princess Diana’s bodyguard Ken Wharfe revealed in his book “Diana: Closely Guarded Secret” that the late Princess of Wales was angry about the rumors. Prince Harry reportedly inherited his red hair from the Spencers and not Hewitt.