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  • Prince Harry displayed an upbeat and cheerful look during King Charles' coronation on Saturday
  • Judi James said she thought Prince Harry would appear solitary at the event sans Meghan Markle
  • Prince Harry reportedly didn't make eye contact with Prince William and the latter's kids

Prince Harry acted as if there was no family drama when he showed up at his father, King Charles' coronation, according to a body language expert.

The Duke of Sussex did not fail his dad by attending his crowning on Saturday. Body language expert Judi James weighed in on his gestures at the event amid the simmering family tensions between him and the royals.

"Harry looked cheerful to the point of cocky," James told Page Six. "[It's] almost as though none of the events of the past couple of years had ever happened."

She noted how Prince Harry arrived "laughing and joking." She also claimed that he performed "a mime" while referencing his cousin, Princess Eugenie's big baby bump, making the others chuckle.

"He fell back as they all walked in to ensure he was walking alone, but this was no lonely, sad, sympathy-inducing walk up the aisle," James continued. "Harry greeted the clergy with warmth and adopted an upbeat, slightly rolling, wide-stride gait to suggest breezy cheerfulness."

The author of "Body Language Bible" admitted that she was shocked by Prince Harry's joyful demeanor because he was so different than what she expected.

"Pre-coronation, I'd bet Harry would attend looking solitary and isolated without Meghan [Markle], using some anxiety rituals like his signature tummy pat, haunted eye expression and wedding ring fiddle to self-comfort as he suffered the arctic blast from the other royals," James added.

He also reportedly looked cheerful and friendly despite being snubbed with the seating arrangement inside Westminster Abbey. However, he reportedly didn't make eye contact with his brother Prince William or his niece, Princess Charlotte, and nephews Prince George and Prince Louis.

James said, "There was a flash glance in William's direction with a more dour expression later." She added that the "biggest hint at complex emotions" happened when King Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton made their way up the aisle.

"While everyone's eyes were on the royal procession, Harry looked at his father but then turned his head towards Edoardo to speak to him again," James claimed.

The expert added that Prince Harry's behavior was a "counter-intuitive performance that was almost breathtaking, given the no-hope rating he is currently being given in terms of returning to the bosom of his royal family."

"What we saw was a comeback of the joker prince, a bouncy, resilient-looking royal who looked as though being seated three rows back was actually an honor," James said.

International Business Times could not independently verify the claims.

Britain's Prince Harry walks outside the High Court, in London