Prince Harry is not in great shape and is not declaring war against the other royals including Prince William.

In a documentary, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex become emotional as they open up about their struggles in living under the spotlight. Prince Harry also confirms that he and his older brother, Prince William, are on different paths. Many concluded that in a way, Prince Harry has confirmed his rumored rift with Prince William.

However, a source told The Sun that it was not the case. Palace sources downplayed the suggestions that Prince William was furious with Prince Harry’s interview. In fact, he was concerned  about his brother and sister-in-law and was hoping that they “are all right.” Also, Prince Harry is not in perfect shape to declare war on the other members of the royal family.

“Harry is not in great shape. I’d say he’s not well, declaring war on everyone, crying in public,” a source said.

“These are not the actions of a well-balanced man. He and William are badly split over his mother’s legacy.”

The insider went on and highlighted the royal brothers’ differences when it comes to their views about the press. According to the insider, they have two competing narratives when it comes to their mother’s death. Also, Prince William is training to be king while Prince Harry has little purpose.

“Harry’s view is, ‘The press killed my mum and now they are going to kill my wife.’ William has a more nuanced view. He hated the topless pictures of Kate but accepts you have to live with the press. He knows Diana allowed the press too close and co-operated with them.”

In another interview, Prince Harry revealed that he witnessed how the press harassed his mother and he was seeing the same treatment with his wife. The duke stressed that he would not allow history to repeat itself.

However, some royal fans accused Prince Harry of using the “Diana card” to protect Meghan Markle, with some saying that the comparison was unfair. Meanwhile, Princess Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe said that Prince Harry made a “monumental misjudgment” because most of his claims were not true. Also, it was Princess Diana who manipulated the press to her own advantage.