Prince Harry was forced to toughen up like his father Prince Charles for his dream career.

According to a royal expert, the Duke of Sussex endured a grueling routine as he prepared himself for military college. Angela Levin revealed in her book “Harry: Conversations with the Prince” that Prince Harry endured mental and physical preparations especially that he was a year or two younger than the others and he lacked the experience and maturity that come with spending three years at university.

“As the course was aimed at graduates he was bound to struggle and he found it physically, emotionally and, what worried him most, academically challenging,” Levin wrote.

“Attending lectures and writing essays on subjects that included military history and international relations were compulsory, but unwelcome. He just hoped that his experience in Eton’s Combined Cadet Force, where he had been promoted to the highest rank of cadet officer, would count for something even though the overnight exercises and shooting at rifle ranges had been designed for schoolboys.”

Levin said that Prince Harry looked up at James Hewitt, who was rumored to be his paternal father. Hewitt took Prince Harry to visit Combermere Barracks in Windsor and it was at that time when he exclaimed that he was “going to be a soldier when I grow up.”

Prince Harry was reportedly engrossed with Hewitt’s military stories and was thrilled whenever he arrived at Kensington Palace. Prince William and Prince Harry formed an immediate bond with Princess Diana’s lover. He would invite them to the barracks and would allow them to climb in and out of tanks where they pretended to shoot machine guns and meet the other serving officers.

Prince Philip also put Prince Charles in a challenging situation to prepare him for his future role as king. The Duke of Edinburgh decided to send the heir apparent to Gordonstoun, his old school, to toughen up the “sensitive” Prince of Wales.

The move triggered Prince Philip and Queen Mother’s feud since the latter did not agree with it. However, Prince Philip’s decision prevailed.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry
Pictured: Prince Charles and Prince Harry at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham Estate, Norfolk on Dec. 26, 2004. Getty Images/Andrew Parsons