Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy has recently shared some of the details behind her former relationship with the royal prince.

Davy was candid during her interview with The Times where she described her experience dating a member of Britain’s royal family, People magazine reported. She recounted that her former relationship with Prince Harry was “scary” and that she felt “uncomfortable” with the constant scrutiny. She also described dating the royal prince as “so full-on” and even remarked that it was “crazy.”

The 31-year-old prince and the Zimbabwe-born blonde beauty first met in 2004. They bonded in Africa during Prince Harry’s gap year when he visited the said country. The two then started dating on-and-off but broke up in 2010.

Davy revealed that there were times when she found it hard to handle being in a relationship with the royal prince. “I found it very difficult when it was bad. I couldn't cope," she stated. She described her dating years with Prince Harry as “horrible” since she was only trying to be a “normal kid” amidst all the attention. She also admitted that it was the reason why she decided to return to Africa after her split from Prince William’s brother.

"It was nuts. That's also why I wanted to go back to Africa. Now it's calm, it's fine." Davy confessed. Despite their separation, the two appears to have remained good friends with each other. Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend is still a part of the royal prince’s circle of friends and has been seen attending parties with some of the members of the royal family, as indicated in the same report.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has since moved on from his former relationship with Davy. However, he is currently single. The royal prince has also kept himself busy with various official engagements and activities linked with the charities and organizations that he supports. Although most recently, he was spotted doing a normal household chore specifically grocery shopping.

Prince Harry was seen visiting a local London supermarket to buy ready-made meals and a few kitchen food items. Eyewitnesses who saw the royal prince shared that he also bought cornflakes and banana during his grocery visit. He even looked at some of the discounted pies at that time, specifically a fish pie and Shepherd’s pie.