Prince Louis
Prince Louis' godparents have been revealed on his christening day. Pictured: Kate Middleton arrives with Prince Louis for his christening service at St James's Palace on July 09, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Dominic Lipiniski

Prince Louis' godparents have been revealed on the day of his christening.

On Monday, Kensington Palace announced the godparents of Prince William and Middleton's youngest child. The list includes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's greatest friends and relatives, People reported.

The list includes Lady Laura Meade, Hannah Carter, Lucy Middleton, Nicholas van Cutsem, Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Guy Pelly. Lady Laura is James Meade's wife. James is godfather to Princess Charlotte. They've been living near the Cambridges and have been seen joining the family of five at events this summer in Norfolk and Gloucestershire.

Carter is Middleton's Marlborough College friend. She's married to Robert Carter and they have lived close to Anmer Hall, Prince William and Middleton's country home. Meanwhile, Lucy is Middleton's cousin. She's a lawyer and sister of Adam Middleton, one of Princess Charlotte's godparents.

Nicholas is one of the four van Cutsem brothers who has been close to Prince William and Prince Harry since they were young. He was the escort leading the Household Cavalry riders at Prince William and Middleton's royal wedding.

Aubrey-Fletcher is one of Prince William's close friends. Both attended prep school and Eton College. Lastly, Pelly is a longtime close friend of Prince William, Prince Harry and Middleton. He's been in the spotlight for planning the Duke of Cambridge's bachelor party.

Prince Harry and Markle were not among Prince Louis' godparents. This isn't surprising though as Prince William and Middleton have always preferred close friends for the roles.

According to Richard Fitzwilliams earlier, Prince William and Middleton's "emphasis could be firmly be on their close friends" when choosing godparents for their children. In fact, Prince Harry is not a godparent to either Prince George or Princess Charlotte.

Fitzwilliams also commented about Markle's possibility being among Prince Louis' godmother. According to the royal expert, it was unlikely because Prince William and Middleton don't know her well.

"I doubt they would choose Meghan because they won't have known her that well," Fitzwilliams explained. "Meghan is new to the royal family, she wouldn't expect to be a godmother, this is usually reserved for those whom the parents have been close to for years, often many years."