Prince William didn’t like a portion of his royal wedding to Kate Middleton and it has something to do with his outfit.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a grand royal wedding on April 29, 2011. However, there’s something Prince William didn’t really like about it, but he had no choice but to follow orders.

Royal veteran reporter Jennie Bond pointed out how Prince Philip set a precedent for the royal grooms. The Duke of Edinburgh married Queen Elizabeth II in his naval uniform. Prince Charles did the same when he married Princess Diana, so Prince William was forced to do the same when it was his time to exchange “I dos” with Middleton. However, Bond felt that it wasn’t what Prince William really wanted to wear on his big day.

“I don’t think William really wanted to wear military uniform,” Bond said on “Pod Save the Queen” podcast. “I think a note came down from on high that it was required, and that’s what he did wear.”

Initially, many expected Prince William to wear his Royal Air Force uniform because he served with the RAF from 2009 to 2013. However, he opted to wear his scarlet Army uniform as Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Prince Harry was also expected to wear his uniform as Commander in Chief of the Royal Marines, but to many’s surprise, Meghan Markle’s groom chose the uniform of the Blues and Royals. He also kept his beard on that special event.

“He’s got more right than most royals to marry in military uniform, having served in Afghanistan and then continued that interest in the military,” the podcast host said and Bond agreed because the Duke of Sussex served the military for 10 years.

Both Prince William and Prince Harry played a big role in their royal weddings. The royal father of three broke the centuries-old royal protocol when he chose his younger brother to be his best man. Prince Harry returned the favor to Prince William when it was his time to tie the knot with Markle.

Prince Harry also gave an “affectionate, warm and funny” best man speech during the reception. According to Katie Nicholl in her 2017 biography “Harry: Life, Loss and Love,” he praised Prince William and Middleton’s decade-long romance and took it as his inspiration and this made the bride shed a tear.