Royal kids can be naughty, too.

Prince William and Prince Harry are now grown-ups. The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex are very active on their various charities. However, they were full of energy and had some hilarious moments when they were still young, just like how Prince George and Princess Charlotte are at present

Here are Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s naughty moments that will surely make you smile.

Prince William

Prince William was a bit cheeky in the past. The Duke of Cambridge was once photographed giving his teacher a quick pinch at the back while playing around with his friends. Prince William was reportedly taking part in a tennis lesson when he decided to play a bit of a prank on their unsuspecting teacher that amused his mate.

Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex was photographed sticking his tongue out at the crowd during an appearance on the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry seemed to be enjoying what he did while Princess Diana looked at him with amusement.

It wasn’t the first time Prince Harry wagged his tongue in front of the crowd. There was also a clip showing little Prince Harry sticking his tongue at the crowd while inside the car with his mom. Princess Diana snatched him up as she laughed at her son’s misbehavior, making the video funnier.

Prince George

Just like his uncle Harry, Prince George was photographed with his infamous tongue-wagging. The toddler was reportedly very excited as he watched his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the parade below. His nanny Maria Borrallo can be seen with a huge grin as she watched the little royal’s antics.

Prince George was also photographed playing during Prince William and Prince Harry’s charity match at the Beaufort Polo Club. He was seen sliding down a hill with a huge smile on his face during the match.

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte was also full of energy when she joined her mom Middleton and brother Prince George to support Prince William’s game at the Beaufort Polo Club in June 2018. The 3-year-old royal was having a blast as she was photographed running around barefoot, sliding, performing forward rolls and even headstands.

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Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Check out Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s naughty moments in hilarious photos. Pictured: Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, Prince Harry, Prince George, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II watch a fly-past of aircrafts by the Royal Air Force, in London on June 11, 2016. Getty Images/Justin Tallis