Prince William
Prince William is luckier than Brad Pitt and other actors. Pictured: Prince William departs Heathrow on a British Airways A380 aircraft displaying the message #EndWildlifeCrime, on September 23, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Tim P. Whitby for British Airways

Elizabeth Hurley recently shared her thoughts regarding Prince William and Brad Pitt’s fame.

While speaking with People, the actress said that the Duke of Cambridge is luckier than Pitt because he has an entire team of people that helps him out.

“I realized that in some ways the royal family is like showbiz people. You know, they’re on display, they’re critiqued, they’re photographed everywhere they go. But unlike showbiz people, they have this massive organization behind them. When they go behind closed doors, they’re behind them. We don’t know what goes on… When they’re out they’re out like a celebrity, but when they’re inside, they’re inside,” she said.

Hurley went on to say that actors and actresses like her don’t have the secret service or the government working for them.

“I think they’re luckier. I think Prince William is luckier than Brad Pitt, really. Because he gets fabulousness…” she said.

In related news, Prince William recently made his first public appearance with Kate Middleton since they welcomed their youngest son, Prince Louis, on April 23. The royal couple attended the Global Ministerial Health Summit where they met with London-based contemporary artist Dairo Vargas.

Rebecca English, a royal correspondent, revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were asked to add their own brush strokes on Vargas’ work. Prince William encouraged his wife to do it first since he believes she’s more artist than him.

“Funny moment today as William and Kate join artist Dairo Vargas, a contemporary fine artist from Columbia, who is painting an original piece inspired by the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit. William originally nominated his wife to have a go ‘as she is the artsy one!’” English captioned her video on Twitter.

Last week, Middleton ended her six-month maternity leave by attending the Paddington Recreation Ground for an appearance with the Sayers Croft Trust Forest School. While there, the mom of three did some arts and crafts, and she also joined in some educational activities with the young students in the program.

Prince William didn’t accompany his wife during her first post-maternity leave engagement last week.