Prince William may be the future King of England but that didn't stop him from placing a food order like a commoner.

The 38-year-old sat down with Peter Crouch, Tom Fordyce, and Chris Stark, the hosts of "That Peter Crouch Podcast," on Wednesday for an interview to get the word out about his Heads Up mental health campaign.

Before getting down to business, though, William proved just how good of a host he is and ordered some food to be delivered. Not just any old thing though, he ordered from Samrat Indian Restaurant, which is located in West London and happens to be one of Crouch's favorites.

The hospitable moment was shared by the BBC 5 Live Sport's Twitter account on Wednesday.

In the clip, the Duke of Cambridge answers a knock at the door empty-handed only to swoop around carrying two plates of food.

"Um, so, there's some curry for you boys," he says as everyone erupts into laughter.

The group then jokes about the fact that a local restaurant just delivered food to Kensington Palace, where Prince William and his family reside, noting that the meal did have to pass through security before making it to them.

"There’s an Uber driver out there on the floor at the moment being frisked!" the royal chimed, seemingly making reference to the Uber Eats food delivery service.

So there you have it, royals -- they're just like us.

Prince William
Prince William is photographed. POOL/Brian Lawless