Prince William and Prince George may give up the throne in the future in either two or three ways.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans said that even though it is highly unlikely for the two royals to give up the throne, they may still technically do so if they so desire.

Chris Smith, a retired high school history teacher, said that Prince William may lose his right to the throne if he decides to convert to a different religion other than the Church of England. He may also give up the throne by asking the members of the British Parliament and the 15 realms to pass the legislation required for him to abdicate.

In the case of Prince George, he may also give up the throne by doing the first two things plus a third one. The young royal may also lose his right to the throne if he marries someone without the consent of the monarch.

Maureen James, a retired civil servant, said that Prince William and Prince George both have the right to decline the throne but they will most likely not do so.

“The Duke of Cambridge has been trained to be King since a very early age, as will George. The next in line is Princess Charlotte unless Prince George has married and had a child, in which case his child would be next in line,” she said.

Tim Harding said that the best way to abdicate is for Prince William and Prince George to first wait before they become King and quickly announce their abdication thereafter.

As of late, Queen Elizabeth II is still the reigning monarch. By the looks of it, she won’t abdicate anytime soon. When she dies or becomes too ill to serve the nation, her eldest son, Prince Charles, will be crowned King.

After Prince Charles’ death or when he himself becomes ill, his eldest son, Prince William, will take over the important role.