• Prince William is not as hardworking as Princess Anne and Prince Charles
  • Prince William doesn't want to overshadow Prince Charles
  • Prince William and Prince Charles are reportedly fighting for the throne 

Prince William has not attended as many royal engagements just like his aunt, Princess Anne. And the reason behind this may have to do with Prince Charles.

While speaking with The Sunday Times, Prince William’s close friend said that Prince William made the conscious decision for fear of overshadowing his father.

“He sees that Charles will probably be in his 70s before he becomes king and he doesn’t want to be seen as elbowing his father out of the way. Because [William and Kate] have had those few years of having a happy family life, it has given the Duke the foundation to move into this next phase. So, he doesn’t feel he is jumping off a cliff,” the friend said.

Throughout the past couple of years, Princess Anne has been named as the hardest-working member of the royal family. Even though she has generally kept a low profile, Princess Royal regularly performs duties on behalf of Queen Elizabeth.

Last year, Prince Charles eclipsed Princess Anne as the hardest-working member of the royal family. The heir to the throne attended a total of 521 royal engagements in 2019, while Princess Anne only attended 506 royal engagements. In total, the royal family undertook 3,567 engagements throughout the past year.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Prince Charles also made headlines this week amid rumors that they are still fighting over the throne. Radar Online reportedly spoke with a senior palace source who claimed that Prince Charles is aware that the Queen wants to bypass him so that Prince William would become king.

“The Harry and Meghan ‘we quit’ debacle just fired up his determination to make sure he succeeds the queen and no one else! William has no intention of stepping aside – and the father-son power-grab has thrown the palace into chaos and crisis like the monarchy has never seen!” the source said.

Prince William, Prince Charles
Pictured: Prince William, Prince Charles arrives next to his father Prince Charles, Prince of Wales as they walk to St. George's Chapel to partake in Garter Day, the 660th Anniversary Service, on June 16, 2008 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson