Prince Philip and Prince Charles
Prince Philip and Prince Charles had a very difficult relationship according to a royal biographer. Pictured: Prince Charles and Prince Philip during the royal family Christmas Day service at Sandringham Church on Dec. 25, 2003 in Norfolk, England. Getty Images/Scott Barbour

Prince Philip and Prince Charles had a very difficult relationship as father and son.

The Prince of Wales grew up without a close bond with his parents Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. In fact, Prince Charles was said to be closer to his grandmother, Queen Mother.

In the 2016 documentary “Prince Philip - A King Among Princes,” royal correspondent Robert Johnson claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh’s lack of serious role model growing up came to be a “handicap” during Prince Charles’ childhood.

According to royal biographer Penny Junor, the 97-year-old royal didn’t get his son. Prince Philip didn’t understand Prince Charles.

“He had a very difficult relationship with Charles,” Junor continued.

The royal author also shared how they didn’t speak with each other like normal father and son. Johnson suggested a reason why Prince Philip and Prince Charles were never close.

“Maybe he always found Prince Charles slightly exasperating,” Johnson said.

Johnson also believed that Prince Charles’ failed marriage to Princess Diana was another factor. Prince Philip’s disappointment was confirmed in his personal letters addressed to Princess Diana. In one of his letters, he even called his own son “silly” for leaving Princess Diana for a woman like Camilla Parker Bowles.

Prince Philip said that he had no talent as a marriage counselor. He also admitted that they did not approve of the Prince and Princess of Wales having affairs.

Prince Philip also admitted that he and Prince Charles are very different. In one interview, he described himself as “pragmatist” and Prince Charles as “romantic.” The senior royal added that they see things differently.

When Prince Charles was younger, the duke got into an argument with Queen Mother after he decided to send the Prince of Wales to Gordonstoun because he wanted to toughen up the future king.

Queen Mother didn’t like Prince Philip’s decision. She felt that he was bullying his son since Prince Charles had a very sensitive personality.

In the end, Prince Charles was forced to attend Gordonstoun and he hated it very much. The heir would escape from his classes to stay with his grandmother. Prince Charles would often beg her to take him out of school.