While most couples use their honeymoon to build a deeper bond with their new spouse, Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s private getaway put a strain on the couple’s relationship.

Following their royal wedding in 1981, Charles and Diana went on a cruise on the Royal Yacht Britannia. While Diana believed the two would be spending quality time together, she was furious when her new husband seemed more interested in painting rather than having a conversation with her.

In Penny Junor’s book, “The Duchess: The Untold Story,” the author claimed Diana released her anger by destroying Charles’ painting.

“One day, when he was sitting, painting on the veranda deck, he went off to look at something for half an hour. He came back to find she had destroyed the whole lot,” the royal biographer explained.

The incident left Prince Charles feeling confused seeing as he thought the two were on the perfect honeymoon. Junor claimed Charles had their trip planned out in his head, but it was the complete opposite of what Diana had hoped for.

“The Prince envisaged a wonderful holiday in the sun, swimming, reading, painting and writing thank-you letters. He had taken his watercolors and some canvases and a pile of books by Laurens van der Post, which he’d hoped they might share and discuss in the evenings,” Junor wrote.

However, the trip was a “disaster” and only showed “how very little” the newlyweds had in common. “Diana was no reader and was offended that he should prefer to bury his head in a book rather than sit and talk to her,” she explained.

“She hated his wretched books. She resented him sitting for hours at his easel, too, and they had many blazing rows.”

Despite the disappointing honeymoon, Charles and Diana stayed together for more than a decade and had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. The couple finalized their divorce in 1996, and Prince Charles went on to marry Camilla Parker Bowles.