Princess Diana struggled with her marriage to Prince Charles for 11 years. A royal fan recently claimed that the late Princess of Wales deserves an Oscar for pretending that everything was going well in her previous relationship with the future King.

On the online forum site Quora, Sophie Oldfield said that Princess Diana hasn’t done anything terrible to the royal family that the public doesn’t know about. The royal fan said that the mom of two never spoke negatively about her marriage until after her separation from Prince Charles was finalized.

Oldfield also defended Princess Diana over her previous affairs and said that she only dated a slew of men after he found out that Prince Charles was seeing Camilla Parker Bowles behind her back.

“Her affairs were her personal business and were never known about until post-separation in 1992, and not from her. Having affairs is quite normal in the UK for people from the upper class,” she wrote.

Oldfield also said that after Prince Harry was born in 1984, Princess Diana was no longer required to have sex with her husband. This is because her duty to produce heirs had already been completed.

Meanwhile, the royal fan also said that Princess Diana had to deal with the late Queen Mother, who always sided with Prince Charles. Princess Diana suffered throughout her marriage, which resulted in her vomiting and developing bulimia. At one point, Princess Diana even harmed self and attempted to take her own life.

“Leave her alone. She was having to live a lie for 11 years! She deserves an Oscar for her performance,” Oldfield wrote.

However, the royal fan also acknowledged the fact that Princess Diana could be considered manipulative and she also used the media but only after she separated from Prince Charles.

One of the ways in which she manipulated the press was by telling them where she would be and at what time so that she could control the photographs that were taken of her.