Princess Diana has joined Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte in edited photos.

In this photo shared on Instagram, Middleton is seated while looking after Princess Charlotte. The little royal is looking into something that isn’t shown in the photo. Interestingly, Princess Diana can be seen sitting beside Middleton and seems to be looking at the same direction as Princess Charlotte.

“This looks so real! It's amazing. How I wish that this could be true. Of course, Princess Diana would be quite a few years older, but still....I wish so much she was here to see her grandchildren, and they her,” one netizen commented.  

“BEAUTIFUL.... BUT THIS MAKES ME FEEL SO SAD....” a different user wrote.

Another picture features Princess Diana waving with Middleton carrying Princess Charlotte beside her. The three royals look as if they are about to leave with all of their backs on the camera.

One said that Princess Diana is with them in spirit. While the photo looks adorable, a number said that it makes them sad. One described it a pity because it was not real.

While many found the photo stunning, not everyone agreed that the photos are adorable. Some netizens think that it’s time to stop editing photos just to include Princess Diana in Middleton and Princess Charlotte’s pictures.

“I think sometimes you should stop doing theses pictures as nobody will ever forget Lady Diana,” one royal fan wrote, before adding that the late Princess of Wales will always be with them.

“No. It’s just wrong to do this,” a different user agreed. Another said that the shot was “creepy.”

In another throwback photo featuring Princess Diana carrying baby Prince Harry, many netizens noticed that Archie looks like Prince Harry in the picture. A royal fan said that Prince Harry and Archie have the same expression, so Meghan Markle’s son will surely end up looking like his dad.

Aside from adding Princess Diana into Middleton and Princess Charlotte’s pictures, another photo features Princess Diana with Middleton and Prince Harry. In the digitally altered snap, the Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex all look mischievous as if they are plotting something naughty.

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton Princess Diana and Kate Middleton Photo: Reuters