Princess Diana looked furious while out with son Prince William.

The Princess of Wales was very close to her two sons Prince William and Prince Harry when she was still alive. Princess Diana was often spotted spending time with his boys in various royal engagements or on the beach for vacations.

A throwback photo of Princess Diana and Prince William stepping out together has resurfaced on Instagram. In the snap, the royal mom and son wear a matching white shirt and blue jeans.

Princess Diana is holding the Duke of Cambridge’s hands, but she looks furious as she stares at the paparazzi. The royal fans understand that the princess was just being protective of her son.

“That telling gaze! She's furious!” one netizen wrote.

“Good mother always protected her son,” another fan commented.

Princess Diana was among the most photographed women when she was still alive. The paparazzi was always after her. Another throwback photo featured the royal mother running away from the paparazzi who were chasing her.

The royal fans who saw the picture pitied Princess Diana because she couldn’t enjoy her privacy whenever she was out in public.

“How sad that she had to deal with those stalkers and couldn’t enjoy going out!!!” one netizen wrote.

Princess Diana admitted in a past interview that she was very daunted and couldn’t understand the level of interest she received from the press. She also admitted that it was difficult for her part because she outshone Prince Charles who didn’t want to share the spotlight with her.

When the Prince and Princess of Wales were in Australia, the people were more interested in her. When she’s on the other side, the people would exclaim, “Oh, she’s on the other side.” The Prince of Wales was reportedly not happy that more were interested in seeing his wife instead of the future king.

“No, not particularly, because with the media attention came a lot of jealousy, a great deal of complicated situations arose because of that,” Princess Diana said when asked if she was flattered with the excessive media attention she received.

Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry
Pictured: Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William gather for the commemorations of VJ Day, 19 August 1995, in London. Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt/AFP