What would happen to Archie if his parents Meghan Markle and Prince Harry get a divorce.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been married for over a year already. From the look of it, Prince Harry and Markle are very much in love with each other. However, some predicted that their marriage would only last for a few years. This prompt a netizen to ask on Quora what would happen to Archie if Prince Harry and Markle divorced.

According to some royal fans, Archie will likely stay with the royals in the U.K. The Queen would want Prince Harry and Markle to sort themselves out and spend equal time with their child. This will be difficult for Markle if she would go back to the U.S.

According to Karen Macqueen, when Princess Anne and Markle Phillips separated, they still spent equal time with their children. Mark maintains a close bond with his children and waseven with his ex royal. He was even seen chatting happily with the Royal Princess and her second husband Timothy Lawrence. Mark was also the one who sent Zara away when she married Mike Tindall.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson also had a joint custody with their children following their split. Prince Charles and Princess Diana also managed to get along when it comes to their boys Prince William and Prince Harry after they separated.

“I think it is safe to say that Archie would stay in the U.K. if his mother agreed. On paper, the custody of children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren belongs to the sovereign. That is a very old law — like 300-plus years old,” Linda Merell added.

Merrell added that it’s likely that Markle would agree to an arrangement with the royals and allow Archie to have his permanent residence in London. However, she is doubtful that it’s possible for Markle to relocate to the U.S. and take Archie with her.

In related news, Markle and Prince Harry are accused of using the duchess’ pregnancy news to steal Prince William and Middleton’s thunder ahead of their Pakistan tour.

“They would sell the pregnancy news as a major bombshell and use it for maximum exposure. They probably will, during the Cambridge tour. These two have zero respect for the protocol,” the netizen wrote on Twitter.