Princess Diana forged a close relationship with some of Prince Charles’ siblings after they tied the knot.

In an unearthed photo, the Princess of Wales looks happy and comfortable to be around Prince Edward. The late royal is hanging out with Prince Charles and Prince Edward in the picture, but she is standing much close to the Earl of Wessex than her husband.

During their outing, Princess Diana wore a navy-blue long-sleeved dress with matching the navy-blue hat. Prince Edward, on the other hand, is wearing a grey suit. The young royal’s hair is in a mess because of the strong winds.

Princess Diana and Prince Edward are walking close to each other. Their body language also mimicked each other since both of their arms are placed on their backs.

Prince Charles, on the other hand, is walking a few inches away from his wife and his younger brother. He is wearing a black suit, and his head is faced down. Prince Charles’ hands are also placed on his back.

In “Paxman On the Queen’s Children,” royal author Ingrid Seward shared her insights on Princess Diana and Prince Edward’s relationship. She said that the two royals got along just fine.

Seward also said that Prince Edward’s relationship with Princess Diana was influenced by Prince Philip. In the beginning, the two male royals were charmed by the mom of two. But their relationship quickly turned sour when things got out of hand.

However, Prince Edward actually bonded more with Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson than with the Princess of Wales.

“He actually used to sometimes have lunch with Fergie, who would drive from the palace and meet him here and take him out to lunch because they were very close at one time. They were very close at one time. He liked her and she liked him and she was young and fun and she was interested in what he did,” she said.