Princess Diana’s death was already known among the royals and some government officials, but royal fans were shielded from the sad truth.

During a recent interview, Princess Diana’s former driver Colin Tebbut told “Good Morning Britain” how he found out about what happened to the mom of two.

He said that he was in bed at home with his wife when he received a phone call. His wife was the one who picked up the call, and she immediately urged Tebbut to go on the line.

“She looked around at me and said ‘I think you better get up and sit on the end of the bed and take this phone call.’ It was a colleague from Balmoral who was telling me that Her Royal Highness was injured… It was a bit of a shock, but I got dressed and then went down to Kensington Palace,” he said.

Following his arrival in the palace, Tebbut was around six officials, and they all turned into the news. Robin Cook, the former foreign secretary, was on television and he informed the viewers that Princess Diana had been injured. But the private secretary had already informed the officials that Princess Diana died.

Tebbut then rushed to the hospital where Princess Diana’s body was. And he said that it was so emotional to see someone lying in a bed in the mortuary. And outside the morgue are royal fans standing on the roof.

The preserve the solemnity of Princess Diana’s death, Tebbut decided to cover the windows use blankets. This way, no one could take photos of the Princess of Wales.

“That worried me so I got some blankets because there were no curtains, and we put blankets along with the windows, which made it very hot in the room. And I then went to get some fans to cool the room down,” he said.

And Tebbut also said that he saw Princess Diana’s hair and eyelashes moving because of the fan and this made him feel even more emotional.