After being available for a brief period, PlayStation 4 pre-orders are sold out at Walmart's website again.

A customizable PlayStation 4 bundle was available for pre-order through Walmart's website, according to a report by Game Zone. Before you rush over to to get your hands on one, don't get your hopes up. That same pre-order bundle is sold out once again.

PS4 Sold Out Walmart
This PS4 pre-order bundle is sold out at Walmart's site again.

Roughly a week ago, we reported that of the two next-generation consoles slated to be released next month, both the PS4 and Xbox One were widely unavailable for pre-order online. The one exception was the Xbox One Standard Edition, which ships based on availability and is therefore not guaranteed to ship on Nov. 22, the day the Xbox One is officially released.

Last month, PlayStation U.K. executive Fergal Gara stated that it was "inevitable that demand will outstrip supply." Gara also said that pre-order numbers were "never seen before in our 20 years in this business." While demand for the PlayStation 4 appears to be beyond healthy, this could also lead to huge shipment delays, assuming that Gara's thoughts on supply and demand are accurate.

However, this wouldn't be the first time that delays and new console releases went hand in hand. There were massive supply issues when the PlayStation 2 was launched. Ditto for the PlayStation 3.

If history and the current status of pre-order availability are clear indications, you shouldn't be shocked if it takes months before Sony works out the supply and demand issues with respect to the PlayStation 4. That could lead many hopeful gamers out in the cold for quite some time.

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