PS4 Pro and Xbox One S are two of the hottest consoles for the holidays, and many stores are offering deals for last-minute shoppers. Check out what Target, Newegg and Amazon have for holiday savings.

First on the docket is Target. Exclusively on Dec. 21, you can get an extra 10 percent off when you order any electronic for in-store pickup or purchase it in store. For Xbox One S, the $249 bundles with Battlefield 1, Halo and Minecraft suddenly become $229 without tax. The systems also come with a $30 gift card too. The PS4 Pro is not available at many in-store locations, so the benefits will vary there. However, if you can find one, the price is $359. [Deal here]

More readily available for a PS4 Pro discount, however, is Newegg. The deal at that particular retailer sells Sony’s premium console for the MSRP of $399 with an included copy of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. For those not in the know, the 2016 shooter is one of the best games to take advantage of the Pro’s added horsepower. [Deal here]

Those discounts are pretty solid, but, if neither tickle your fancy, it may be worth checking out Amazon for its own sale on the standard model PS4. For just $229, you can get a console with an included copy of Uncharted 4. It may not have the high-end specs of the Pro, but Sony maintains it will be perfectly viable for those with 1080p TVs for the next few years. [Deal here]

PS4 Pro and Xbox One S are the two most powerful consoles on the market today, and both are a wise decision for shoppers looking to experience the current generation of consoles. So long as any of the above deals are available, it’s hard to go wrong either way. PS4 is the current market leader, but the popularity of the Xbox One S continues to surprise analysts.
Which of these deals is most appealing to you? Are you in the market for a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S? Tell us in the comments section!