• PS5 is set to arrive in the U.S. on Nov. 12
  • The console's pre-order sold out almost immediately after it went live
  • There is a store in the U.S. that has PS5 stocks on Nov. 12 but fans need to do something to avail it

An official confirmation from a major American retail corporation that the PS5 gaming console would be available on launch day offers hope to fans who could not secure the console every time pre-orders went live since September. 

On its official Twitter account, U. S. major retailer Target answered a fan's query about when the PS5 would be available in its stores. In a now-deleted tweet, Target said Sony's console would be available in-store on Nov. 12. Interestingly, subsequent tweets clarified that buyers could not just go to Target and get the console. 

Those interested in getting the PS5 on Nov. 12 need to purchase the console online and select the store’s location where they want to collect it. Unfortunately, it is not clear if Target would offer home deliveries. Also,  the retailer could not confirm the specific time as to when the console would go on sale on the PS5's launch day. 

PlayStation PS4 will support cross-platform online starting with "Fortress Heroes" Photo: steamXO/flickr

Target also said that it would sell any PS5 leftovers or those left after it had settled the initial batch of orders. When this happens, anyone can just go to the store and get the unit without the need to pre-order or reservation. However, based on previous releases, it could happen in mid-December or in the late part of January 2021.

In the U. K., several retailers with physical stores were changing their policies on next-generation gaming console pre-orders because of lockdowns. GAME announced that those who have pre-ordered the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S could visit the store for pre-payments. It also assured fans that the consoles would arrive on the scheduled date. 

In Germany, Media Markt reportedly sent emails to pre-order customers informing them that the PS5 would arrive on Nov. 12, which is a week earlier than its scheduled Nov. 19 release date. Neither Sony nor the retail chain have issued a statement regarding this. 

Sony's PS5 is set to arrive on Nov. 12 in the U. S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The rest of the world would get the next-generation gaming console on Nov. 19.