Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle are really close.

There are rumors that the Queen favors the Duchess of Sussex over the Duchess of Cambridge. While there isn’t a concrete proof about the favoritism rumors, Jess Cagle, the producer of ABC’s “The Story of the Royals,” confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II and Markle have a close bond.

Cagle pointed out that neither the Queen nor Markle has really opened up about their relationship in interviews. However, he can tell in their photos that they are close based on the monarch’s attitude when they are together.

“But, you can tell in photos that the Queen is very relaxed around her. The Queen doesn’t laugh a lot. It is very very telling that she seems to relax,” he said.

The producer added that the Queen changed after receiving backlash following Princess Diana’s death. She is much warmer nowadays and appreciates what Markle brings to the royal family.

“I think over the years the Queen, who started out her reign in 1952 actually being criticised for being too cold and certainly suffered the same criticism after Diana died, I think she has got older and wiser and she really appreciates what Meghan brings to the Royal Family,” he added.

Queen Elizabeth II and Markle went on their first outing together just a few months after her royal wedding to Prince Harry. Although the two appeared friendly, reports claimed that there was tension between the two royals.

Markle was reportedly told by the Queen’s aides that the monarch would be wearing a hat. She was expected to do the same, but she “baffled” Queen Elizabeth II when she showed up at the event without one. According to Robert Jobson, Markle didn’t fully understand the aides and added that what they said wasn’t a request but a push for her to take action.

In related news, Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly pushing Kate Middleton to the spotlight amid rumors that she favors Markle more. The Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge just stepped out for their first joint engagement after seven years, and netizens were very happy to see them together.

Many believed that Queen Elizabeth II and Middleton are really close even if they aren’t seen together often in public. In fact, the monarch reportedly turned to Prince William’s wife amid the issues about Markle’s “reckless toying” of the royals’ reputation.