Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly baffled by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s PR problems.

In the past months, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made headlines due to their lifestyle and efforts to keep their son, Archie from the public. Many people are no longer impressed with how Prince Harry and Markle managed their social status.

According to Express, Queen Elizabeth II is “already baffled by Meghan and Harry’s inability to steer clear of PR calamities.” A few months ago, the public was furious after learning that the couple used the taxpayers’ money to fund the renovation of their home, Frogmore Cottage in Windsor while keeping baby Archie’s christening private. In fact, the royal couple didn’t release the names of their son’s godparents.

The latest mishap the couple did was taking four private flights in 11 days. Prince Harry already addressed the issue. According to the royal prince, he has been traveling the majority of his life and 90 percent of the time he takes commercial flights. He insisted that he only took private flights to ensure the safety of his family. However, not everyone was convinced.

Duncan Larcombe called Prince Harry a liar for his excuse. Speaking on “Good Morning Britain,” he told host Susanna Reid that “40 percent” of Prince Harry’s time he has been flying privately. Prince Harry takes private fights even if his wife Markle and son Archie are not with him.

Many were also not happy with Prince Harry defending himself. It has been Queen Elizabeth II’s mantra to “never complain and never explain.” A number believed that Prince Harry broke the Queen’s practice by speaking out and trying to defend his choices.

Prince Harry and Markle are urged to follow the Queen’s mantra after the duchess’ anonymous friends speak out defending her from intense criticism. According to a royal expert, it’s highly unlikely for Marke’s friends to speak out without her permission.

A different source revealed earlier that Queen Elizabeth II was disappointed with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for snubbing her Balmoral invitation. This is the second time in a row when Prince Harry didn’t join the monarch in her favorite home.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Queen Elizabeth II at the Queen's Young Leaders Awards Ceremony at Buckingham Palace on June 26, 2018 in London.  Getty Images/John Stillwell