Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
Queen Elizabeth II blamed Camilla Parker Bowles for his affair with Prince Charles. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Camilla leave the Service of Prayer and Dedication following their marriage at The Guildhall, at Windsor Castle on April 9, 2005 in Berkshire, England. Getty Images/Rota Pool

Queen Elizabeth II blamed Camilla Parker Bowles for Prince Charles’ affair that led to his divorce from Princess Diana.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall dated before they married their former spouses, Princess Diana and Andrew Parker Bowles, respectively. Their romance didn’t work out when Prince Charles had to travel abroad for his royal duties. Camilla then chose to marry Andrew while Prince Charles was away.

However, the two weren’t able to move on from their past romance. They rekindled their relationship while the future king was still married to Princess Diana. The late Princess of Wales even said in an interview that her relationship with Prince Charles didn’t work out because “there were three of us in this marriage,” implying that she was fully aware of Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla.

According to Christopher Wilson in an article for Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth II blamed Camilla for the Prince and Princess of Wales’ divorce. Her Majesty was reportedly not supportive of Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair.

“Significantly, the Queen had previously ordered that Camilla should never be allowed in the same room as herself — blaming Camilla, not her son, for the couple's affair,” Wilson said.

Royal biographer Tom Bower said the same thing in his book “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles.” According to Bower, Queen Elizabeth II actively disapproved Camilla even if both were already divorced. In fact, there was a time when Queen Elizabeth II didn’t want to see Camilla in any royal function.

However, according to Robert Lacey, if the Queen would have to blame someone for Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce it would have to be her own son. The biographer pointed out why Prince Charles married Princess Diana when he was still emotionally committed to another woman — Camilla.

Queen Elizabeth II was also angry with Camilla because she never gave Prince Charles and Princess Diana the chance to fix their marital issues. The Duchess of Cornwall never left the Prince of Wales’ side so the Prince and Princess of Wales didn’t have the opportunity to give their marriage a second try.

Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla’s relationship has since improved. In fact, Her Majesty recognized Camilla in her speech during Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party.